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Women’s Work-Life Balance Coaching


Designed for busy professional women & mothers in leadership who want to prioritise self-care and manage stress effectively.

Why? Because, most professional women are busy juggling the demands of family and/or career. And , the problem is that they don’t have time for their personal health & goals. When you don’t have the practical skills to create a healthy lifestyle, you can feel torn between taking care of your needs and those of others. You put your health & relationships at risk.

That's why we coach busy professional women in leadership to prioritise self-care and manage stress effectively so they enjoy a healthy body, happy family, and career success through our online and in-person HERSELF HEALTH Coaching Programs and Workshops.

We're the support for women (like you) who support others.

We'll show you how to:

  • Reduce stress and avoid burnout

  • Learn practical skills to harmonise your personal & professional life.

  • Create a healthy lifestyle that supports you to achieve your goals & feel great.

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