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12 Weeks

About the Course

Self-Care Revolution: 90-Day Transformational Journey for Women Leaders

Are you a professional woman, a leader, a mother - constantly juggling roles, stretching yourself thin, and feeling exhausted at the end of each day? Do you find your own self-care falling to the bottom of your 'to-do' list? It's time to pause. It's time to reevaluate. It's time for a revolution.

Welcome to the Self-Care Revolution: 90-Day Transformational Journey for Women Leaders - a coaching programme designed exclusively for women like you who are ready to prioritise their well-being while continuing to excel in their professional and personal lives.

Why the Self-Care Revolution?

In this programme, we're not just talking about occasional spa days or the odd healthy meal. We're looking at radical, holistic, sustainable change. We're looking at integrating self-care into the very fabric of your daily life. 

Over the course of 12 empowering weeks, I will personally guide you through the Five Essential Self-Care Pillars:

1. Sleep: Understand the science of restorative sleep and practical strategies to improve your sleep quality.

2. Physical Activity: Learn how to incorporate exercise into your busy routine in a way that works for you.

3. Nutrition: Discover how to nourish your body and fuel your productivity with a balanced, stress-free approach to food.

4. Connection: Explore the importance of nurturing relationships and building supportive networks.

5. Mental Activity: Harness the power of a learner's mindset to foster continual growth and resilience.

What Do You Get?

Here's what's included in your 90-Day Transformational Journey:

  • 12 x 1-on-1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs and schedule.

  • Weekly activities and exercises designed to help you implement what you've learned.

  • Direct email access to me for the entire duration of the programme for any queries or support.

  • Accountability and encouragement throughout your self-care journey.

Your Investment?

This isn't just another cost. This is an *investment* in your well-being, your happiness, and your future. By unlocking the best version of yourself, you'll become a more effective leader, a more engaged parent, and a more fulfilled individual. You can’t put a monetary value on quality of life because it’s priceless. 

Book your FREE Self-Care Revolution 1:1 Strategy Call to discuss your needs and our pricing options.

About Me

I'm Dr Masi, a mother, physician and coach with a passion for empowering women and all leaders. Having juggled roles myself as a mother, a professional, and a leader, I understand your challenges and aspirations. I'm here to guide you, support you, and cheer you on as you embark on this transformative journey.

Are You Ready?

The future of leadership is female. And it begins with self-care. Are you ready to join the Self-Care Revolution and transform into the best version of yourself? Get started today!

Let's make your success healthy & happy!

Dr. Masi

Your Instructor

Dr. Masi

Dr. Masi

You’ve done it - you shattered the glass ceiling at work! But now you’re noticing cracks appearing in your relationships with your partner, children, or even in your physical and mental health. It’s easy to tell yourself that things will get better once work settles down, but instead, you find yourself working harder and spending less time with your loved ones.

I want you to know that having a successful career should never come at the cost of your family, health, or happiness. Hi, I’m Dr. Masi, the Work-Life Flow Coach & Expert for Professional Women & Mothers in Leadership positions. As a medical doctor and mom, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of balancing my career and personal life. I understand how stress can lead to unhealthy habits that affect our relationships.

Work-life flow is an approach I use that focuses on enhancing the quality and enjoyment of personal and professional lives rather than just changing the quantity of time spent on work, family, and personal well-being. This concept acknowledges that life is dynamic and finding harmony between different aspects of life is a continuous process. It also emphasises your ability to discover and cultivate joy in your experiences.

My mission is to help you achieve the success that is healthy and happy for both yourself and your family. HERSELF HEALTH & Lifestyle Coaching offers personalised coaching, tailored group training, and workshops to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

I created the SOS Work-Life Flow framework to help you prioritise self-care, organisation, and support. Through coaching, I’ll guide you in creating sustainable and fulfilling lifestyles that embrace work-life flow for you and your family.

In addition to coaching, my blog and articles offer valuable insights and tips on prioritising your health and well-being while juggling the demands of work and family. Small changes can lead to significant results. I’m passionate about helping you achieve success and happiness through health so you can become a better version of yourself, lead by example, and be the best role model and influencer for your family.

Join me on this journey towards a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s make your success healthy and happy!

Dr. Masi

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