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Having Success at Home and Work Should Not Mean Sacrificing Your Health & Happiness

Most women are busy juggling the demands of family and/or career. They don’t have time for their personal health & goals. When you don’t have the practical skills to create a healthy lifestyle, you can feel torn between taking care of your needs and those of others. You put your health & relationships at risk...

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You get overwhelmed, frustrated or feel tired trying to “do it all”

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You feel guilty prioritising self care while “neglecting” your family or working on your career

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You don’t feel good about yourself, but can’t find the time or energy to reach your health & fitness goals

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You become moody & develop unhealthy habits to cope with the stress

Support That Makes a Difference

HERSELF HEALTH  is for every working mum who wants to build a successful career, raise a happy family and feel good while doing it. We coach working mums on how to manage stress and mum guilt in order to study for and pass examinations or start and operate successful businesses without compromising their family, health, or well-being. 

Make Success Healthy & Happy

Learn Mindset & Practical Home-Work-Lifestyle Skill Sets

Each session at HERSELF HEALTH & Lifestyle Coaching teaches you the thinking & practical skills you need to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to create a lifestyle that supports you in achieving your goals & feeling good.

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Every Coaching Session Guides You to Make Your Lifestyle
Happy, Healthy & Successful

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Change Your Thinking

Create habits that promote your desired life

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Enjoy Being Active

Pack physical activity into your day so you feel energised

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Eat Healthier

Feel great. Improve your health, mood & energy.

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Become More Productive

Have less stress & more fun as you achieve your goals

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Be More Confident

Believe in yourself. Feel more like yourself again.

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Feel Good

Do more of the things that light you up

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Everything you need to know to live a healthy, happy & successful lifestyle from the inside out.

We look forward to helping you improve your life. The sections below provide an overview of our various training types.


We recommend booking your FREE Lifestyle Balance Clarity Coaching Session before signing up for a package. We'll help you get clear on your goals and next steps and decide together which sessions are best for you. 

Schedule a free appointment today to receive expert advice. 

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Start Your Success

100% of our participants have been happy with their experience!

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Tell us your goals & desires. Together we’ll create your step-by-step 1:1 coaching program. 

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We coach you to drive change across all aspects of your life including home, mental, physical and professional 

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Our latest resources to guide and support you every step from start, through progress, into exam success.

Take Action & Feel The Change

We’re Here To Help You Feel Good

I understand how difficult it is to strike a work-life balance. Herself Health was created by a mother with young children and a medical professional. I have experienced firsthand the transformation and have witnessed it in others. 

So, based on my personal and professional experiences, I established HERSELF HEALTH & LIFESTYLE COACHING. We empower women to develop healthy, happy, and sustainable lifestyles. We will assist you in becoming a better version of yourself. So, let us make your success happy and healthy.

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“This course helped me to evaluate what I am doing well (and not so well) and how to improve my life when study is added to the mix. Our families are our number one priority and when study is encroaching on this it is important to have the skills to overcome the hurdle and get back to what matters most.”

Maddi C Working Mum

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