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How I Overcame My Resistance to Strength Training, Toned My Mummy Tummy, & Boosted My Work-Life Flow

In my previous article, "The Art of Finding an Ideal Match between Challenge and Skill - Insights from Dr. Masi," I discussed the importance of achieving work-life flow by finding the right balance between challenge and skill. This crucial aspect of flow is integral to experiencing enjoyment and satisfaction in your personal and professional life. If you haven't had a chance to read that article, I recommend checking it out for a more in-depth understanding of this concept.

Now, let me share a personal example of how I applied the 3rd principle of flow - finding the right balance between challenge and skill - to overcome my mental resistance to strength training and achieve a heightened sense of engagement and motivation.

As a passionate runner , I have built up my cardiovascular fitness. However, I realised that my wobbly belly, jiggly butt, and persistent knee pain needed attention. The challenge was to introduce strength training to tone up and improve my overall physical fitness. I had no weightlifting skills and felt intimidated by gym strength training equipment. Although my running skills provided a solid foundation, I needed more to match the challenge of increasing my body strength.

Fortunately, I have always been a good learner and can follow instructions relatively well. I listen to my body and don't succumb to peer pressure. With these skills in mind, I decided to join a group training class focused on bodyweight training and callisthenics, which I prefer because they don't require equipment and can be done anywhere.

I chose CrossFit because it offered a mix of cardiovascular and strength training without the intimidating gym equipment I needed to learn how to use. The CrossFit trainer guided me on the correct lifting techniques and targeted all my major muscle groups, helping me improve my lifting skills.

After over 20 weeks of attending strength training classes twice a week, I've seen incredible results. My butt and belly are toned, and as a bonus, so are my arms and back. My muscles are well-defined without being bulky, and my knee pain has decreased significantly. I feel more powerful as a runner, and my running pace has also improved. As my strength and lifting skills have developed, I've increased the challenge and am working towards a handstand push-up.

By applying the 3rd principle of flow - finding the right balance between challenge and skill - I overcame my mental resistance to strength training. I felt more engaged and motivated to continue strength training.

I hope my personal example has demonstrated the power of finding the right balance between challenge and skill for achieving work-life flow. Applying this principle has led to a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience in my strength training journey. It can do the same for you in various aspects of your life as you strive for work-life balance.

Stay tuned for my next article, where I'll introduce the 4th principle for achieving work-life flow: focused attention and concentration. In this upcoming piece, I'll provide insights and tips on how to improve your focus and concentration, leading to even greater success in your personal and professional endeavours.

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Dr. Masi

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