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6 Weeks

About the Course

LIFESTYLE AS MEDICINE PROGRAM is 6-week, interactive online course that teaches working professionals more than just work-life balance. It shows you practicable ways to create a fulfilling, sustainable way of life so that you can enjoy your career and have a family life too.

  • Work on your health and happiness while you work on your career.

  • Make Your Success Healthy & Happy


Your Instructor

Dr. Masi

Dr. Masi

Hi I'm Dr Masi
I am a medically trained Doctor with 20 years of experience in healthcare and 7+ years as a busy Mum of two. Aaah the challenges of managing medical school and a campus social life are nothing compared to being a busy Mum and trying to actually drink a cup of tea that's still warm. Some days are still like that, but most days now I get to spend more me-time and enjoy family-time even more.

Despite a wealth of medical knowledge, it was through my own struggles that I finally learnt what I considered "normal" was actually an unhealthy lifestyle for me and affected my family too.

My purpose is to elevate every woman's self-worth through health. That is why I help the busy woman decrease stress and increase happiness so she can live a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle for herself and her family.

If you want to learn how to put your oxygen mask on first so you can be better equipped to help others, then take a deep breath, exhale and jump aboard the Mothership. This is the Motherclass for you.

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