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I believe we lead by example.
So let’s make success healthy & happy.



I’m Dr Masi. The Sport, Exercise & Lifestyle Physician. Medical doctor. Health coach and advocate—physically active wife and mother of two. I run, ski and lift (babies and other light weights). 

Founder of HERSELF HEALTH – a Leadership Health & Well-being company. 

My Why for Lifestyle as Medicine?

My mission is to make success healthy and happy for you and your family.


I hope to inspire and empower you, the working professional, to foster healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. Above all, I hope you will show up as the best version of yourself, for yourself first. In addition, I believe you will achieve success and happiness through health.

Why Lifestyle as Medicine?

What’s the deal? After struggling with career-personal life balance during my final years of Sport and Exercise Medicine Fellowship Training, I realised I needed to establish a healthy lifestyle as the foundation for success. 


As a result, I began researching, which deepened my knowledge and encouraged me to explore different things. What I discovered inspired me to create a framework that has significantly impacted not only myself but also my family and my career. 


I discovered  Lifestyle as  Medicine! 

I could break through what appeared to be an insurmountable barrier in my career by consistently implementing what I learned. 


I passed the fellowship exams and was certified as a Sport and Exercise Medicine Specialist. In addition, I earned the designation of Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician. 


Above all, I learned how to make change happen. 

So now, not only am I a Sport, Exercise, and Lifestyle Physician, but I am also a game changer – a health coach.

Just for you!

Through personal and professional experiences, I discovered the challenges of working professionals. I saw the need to make success healthy and happy.

Here, you have inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. HERSELF HEALTH programs empower you to be the best version of yourself through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science applied to your unique experiences. Firstly, it is personalised. Secondly holistic. Thirdly, guided by a doctor. In other words, it’s tailored, cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine for your health and well-being.

Keeping you physically active. Eating healthier. Enjoying better mental well-being. Feeling more emotional resilience. 


Therefore, you feel more like yourself. As a result, you show up as the best version of yourself. The domino effect follows—a better parent. Great partner. Improved professional. In other words, you achieve success and happiness through health. I call this ‘that feel-good medicine.’

Whom for and where to?

My niche is guiding leaders and their teams to enjoy holistic health and well-being and create happy, thriving workplaces.

More About Me

  • BMed (University of Newcastle)

  • PGDipSportsMed ( University of Auckland)

  • Australian Sport & Exercise Physician (FACSEP) 

  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (ASLM) 

  • Health Coach

  • Women in Sport & Exercise Medicine – Advisory Group

  • Lifestyle Education – Committee

  • Exercise as Medicine – Working Group

  • Giants Football Club AFL Women’s (AFLW) Head Doctor 2020

  • Commonwealth Games Doctor 2018 

  • Athletics Australia’s National Junior Program Medical Officer

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